Our Motivation

Did you know that there are 36 million Americans who have some college credit but no bachelor’s degree? For too many, this can mean being stuck in an unfulfilling job, carrying debt, and getting left behind in a rapidly changing economy even while 6.6 million jobs go unfilled. That’s because having a college degree is only a part of the equation. According to data from LinkedIn, people are eight times more likely to secure a job through referral, so those without a strong professional network are doubly-disadvantaged.

New Possibilities

We work directly with employers to prepare you for in-demand jobs. The Bay Area is home to many small, medium and large companies who struggle to fill entry level openings. Climb Hire bridges the gap between employers and job seekers with a unique focus on relationship building. Our unique community will help each other move from one good job to another, over a lifetime.

Blended Learning

We’re not your typical job training center. With Climb Hire, you’ll enjoy the convenience of learning from home as well as the benefits of a collaborative environment where you can hone your skills as you develop your professional network.

Collective Power

We bring together a group of goal-oriented adults with overlooked talents to work and help one another succeed in the program and in their careers. You may not have the resources or time to participate in expensive bootcamps or go back to school for another few years, but you do have the potential move up in your career with 200 hours of training and community building.

New Financial Model

We are not just in the business of training and upskilling; we are a cooperative. That means we empower our alumni by making them co-owners in Climb Hire’s impact staffing agency. When Climb Hire generates long term profits, our alumni share in that financial success.