Listen in as Climb Hire CEO and Founder Nitzan Pelman chats with the Disruptors for Good podcast on taking an innovative approach to upskilling overlooked and hidden talent.

“I realized I’ve never applied for a job in my life. It was one [professional] relationship after the next after the next.”
— Nitzan Pelman, Climb Hire CEO and Founder

In the episode, Nitzan emphasizes the importance of social capital as she discusses the founding of Climb Hire with Disruptor for Good podcast host, Grant Trahant.

“I started to question… where do networks come from? Where do people build these warm relationships?”
— Nitzan Pelman

At Climb Hire, we not only teach you the in-demand skills in tech that will get you the job, we provide the foundation for cultivating those rich professional communities that will help you break in to a new career. LinkedIn data suggests that jobseekers are 9x more likely to be hired when referred by someone else, so we don’t underestimate the power of social capital. We maximize it.

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