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What to Expect: Google and Meta Ads Certifications

Internet and website marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing are the most in-demand marketing skills today. In our 4-month program, you’ll learn how to strategize, develop, manage, and optimize ad campaigns across marketing platforms. From developing bidding strategies to measuring campaign success, you’ll learn the skills to take and pass the Google Ads Certification and the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam, and make you competitive in today’s digital marketing job market. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry professionals alongside your peers, grow and strengthen your career development skills, and create long-lasting professional connections as you become inducted into an exclusive community of alumni.

August Session: August 5, 2024 – November 20, 2024
Class Schedule: Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 5:00PM – 8:00PM PT

Learn in Pods

Once classes start, you’ll be grouped into learning pods. This small group setting provides authentic connections and opportunities to meaningfully engage with, learn from, and build relationships with classmates.

Get Career Development Support

Every Climber has the opportunity to work with a Career Development Advisor. They’ll help you with building a resume, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and more.

Gain the Google Ads and Meta Certifications

Google and Meta Ads certifications will help you stand out in the job market by showing proof of advanced-level competency in the digital advertising industry.

Build Networking & Communication Skills

In addition to technical skills, our unique curriculum focuses on teaching each Climber how to network and build their professional community. We help you network, boost your confidence, and lean into your story.

Find Exciting Job Opportunities (we’re here to help!)

4 months into the program, you’ll start looking for job opportunities. Your career development team will set you up with the skills, confidence, and technology to apply to over 20 jobs per week. You’ll also be able to tap the Climb Hire Alumni network for opportunities.

Become Part of our Exclusive Alumni Network

We know that most job seekers find new opportunities through networks and referrals. When you complete the program, you’re connected to the Climb Hire network for life, where each Climber continues to learn from one another, share job referrals, and build community.

Cost: Free for 2024 participants

Our goal is to give you the skills to get hired. Through partnerships with organizations and funders like Breaking Barriers and MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving, we are able to provide free tuition scholarships to all Climb Hire participants who enroll in 2024. That means, if you enroll in Climb Hire this year, the scholarship will cover the cost and it will be 100% free.


We are excited to offer free tuition for the first time. Prior to 2024, we used a “pay-as-you-climb” payment model, which consisted of a monthly payment after Climbers secured a job making at least $40k. Climbers who enroll in 2024 do not participate in pay-as-you-climb.


You don’t need to fill out any additional paperwork to receive the scholarship as it will automatically be applied. There are no additional eligibility requirements beyond our standard Climb Hire requirements.

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Hundreds of people have completed Climb Hire’s unique training and have landed incredible jobs with companies like Google, Salesforce, Discord, IBM, BetterUp, Galileo, and more.

A Community you can count on

Join in the Fun

We do things pretty differently at Climb Hire. Knowing that most people land jobs through networks and personal referrals, we focus on building community and helping you connect with professionals in the industries you want to break into.


77% of Climb Hire alumni say that having this community is one of the greatest benefits of the program. Our network helps Climbers get jobs, gives them a sense of belonging, and enables them to grow professionally and personally.


Climb Hire gives you & your career the upper hand, even when life didn’t give you a head start.


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