November 1, 2023

Let’s Eat Grandma Podcast: Pushing Past Barriers

Career Warrior Podcast #296) Pushing Past Barriers: Non Traditional Education, Low Income | Career Building as a Minority | Nitzan Pelman

“If you feel like you’re trapped – whether that be through not having the “perfect background” or feeling like your economic situation is holding you back, you need to listen to this episode.

  • You may be struggling right now because you believe more strongly in the barriers right in front of you.
  • Or you may (like many others) believe that there is a straight highway to success, and you don’t see yourself on that road. You feel like you’re in the grass on the side. This episode is going to shift your mindset and provoke thought to help you succeed.

Nitzan Pelman is a three-time social impact entrepreneur whose life mission is to create economic opportunity for hidden and overlooked talent. She founded Climb Hire in 2019 as a way to generate upward mobility for people earning below livable wage. Climb Hire’s program model is based on Nitzan’s first-hand research as an Entrepreneur in Residence at LinkedIn, where she studied the powerful role that social networks can play in securing living wage jobs. Early in her career she worked at the Department of Education in New York City, KIPP, and Teach for America.” – Let’s Eat Grandma

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