New year, new look! You may have noticed that we’ve given ourselves a bit of a makeover.

Our quest for a revamped identity began with reflection and a commitment to understanding how our brand could better serve our community. Since our inception in 2019, the business world and how we all work has changed significantly, and Climb Hire has grown and evolved, too. To keep our brand aligned with our values and goals, we had conversations with people from across our networks, including alumni, prospective Climbers, employer partners, funders, and employees.

Through this process, we learned that some people were a bit unclear about what exactly we do and why it matters. On the flip side, those who’ve been part of the Climb Hire journey felt something special – like finding a place where they truly belonged. We knew we needed to better communicate the magic that defines Climb Hire.

Defining Our Brand Personality

To articulate the distinctiveness of Climb Hire, we thought, wrote, researched, and then thought some more. We landed on four key personality traits that define our brand:

  • Motivating: We energize our audiences, inspiring them to take meaningful action.
  • Empathetic: We communicate with heart, infusing our messages with profound insight and understanding.
  • Tenacious: Our voice is purposeful and passionate, reflecting our unwavering commitment to success.
  • Straightforward: Clarity is our guiding principle. We keep our communication clear-cut and easy to understand.

Igniting a New Identity with Purpose and Passion

With a clear understanding of our voice and purpose, we set forth a mission: “To give you and your career the upper hand, even when life didn’t give you a head start.” Climb Hire’s identity emerged as one of bravery and activism – a force challenging historical gatekeepers who have kept underrepresented groups from achieving their full potential.

Our journey to redefine Climb Hire’s identity extended beyond words. We wanted our brand to be visually striking and reflective of our bold aspirations. Here’s a glimpse into the design elements:

Color Palette: Ignite – Our new color, aptly named “Ignite,” symbolizes the spark within each Climber, ready to set their career ablaze with purpose.

Climb Hire Color Palette
Color Palette: Ignite

Typography with a Purpose – The primary font, created by a foundry committed to diversity, highlights the often-overlooked contributions of underrepresented races, ethnicities, and genders in the world of type design.

Climb Hire Typography
Typography with a Purpose
Typography with a Purpose
Typography with a Purpose

Photography Style: Confidence and Support – Our imagery captures Climbers authentically – confident, motivated, and supporting one another.

Climb Hire Photography Style
Photography Style: Confidence and Support

Ink Texture: Inspired Activism – The rolled ink texture in our visuals pays homage to the activism embedded in our typeface, symbolizing the strength and resilience of those who dare to defy norms.

Climb Hire Ink Texture
Ink Texture: Inspired Activism

Logo: Redefining Progress – Tying it all together with a logo that redefines progress. Our logo is called Ascent and is inspired by the concept of continuous growth supported by a community of peers. Success is not just about going up; it’s about going your way, at your pace.

Climb Hire Showcase Logo
Logo: Redefining Progress

Connect, Engage, and Climb Higher

We hope you find inspiration in our new style – a style that embodies the spirit of Climb Hire, where careers ascend with purpose, passion, and the relentless pursuit of success. Join us as we ignite the path to professional growth and opportunity. Climb higher with Climb Hire!

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