November 2, 2023

Tearing the Paper Ceiling: 3 Climb Hire STARs

Opportunity@Work defines STARs as Skilled Through Alternatives Routes, rather than a bachelor’s degree. This year, we’re thrilled to partner on their Tear the Paper Ceiling initiative, which asks companies to pledge to shatter stereotypes and misconceptions and to see people for all of their experiences, skills, and diverse perspectives.

Our Climber community is full of STARs who graduate our programs with the hard skills, soft skills, and networks that take them from low-income to middle-class jobs. You don’t need vy League college experience to get the network and career opportunities that come with it. STARs represent talent and opportunity for companies: From their competence and adaptability to their practical knowledge and diverse experience. We are lucky to have hundreds of STARs in our community, including Tanairy, Sherea, and Jordan. Read on to learn more about their inspiring stories.

Tanairy Alfaro Salazar

“Before Climb Hire, I was working as a delivery driver for Amazon. Last July, I got engaged and decided it was time for me to look for a better job for a better future for my spouse and me. At the beginning of the program, I had doubts if I was going to commit to it. Since I didn’t go to college, I️ decided it was a great opportunity for me to begin a career. I had doubts because I was afraid no one was going to hire someone without a college degree but Climb Hire changed my mind about that. They taught me how to properly create a resume, LinkedIn profile, and helped me prepare for interviews. I had no idea how to do any of these things before. Climb Hire changed my life and showed me that by working hard and applying all the tools they gave me, I can land a job. I started applying for jobs three weeks before the cohort ended and just one week after I finished the cohort, I got a job offer as a project coordinator at APTIM.”

Sherea Ramseur

“Before Climb Hire I worked as an insurance agent and a family advisor. I didn’t have the income I needed. I️ wanted to further my education but I didn’t have years to learn. Joining Climb Hire is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I just doubled my salary and I don’t feel hopeless in my professional career anymore. Climb Hire does require dedication and focus. It was challenging, exciting and I made a lot of awesome connections along the way. I learned so much from my classmates and fellows. I am now landing as an implementation Specialist at Kareo, a Tebra company because of a referral from another amazing Climber.”

Jordan Jackson

“Before Climb Hire, I was working retail for five years. I learned from great people about what it takes to be a professional. However, it was time for me to take that next step not only professionally but personally as well. Throughout my Cohort, I formed a love for sales and was able to build a foundation on how to be successful in my career. That helped me get the role I really wanted. I accepted an offer to be a Sales Development Representative for Circle Link Health and I’ll continue to carry the teachings I’ve learned through Climb Hire to this exciting new journey.”

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